A very popular movie and Tv shows streaming app available in the market named MovieBox. MovieBox provides you the free access to numbers of movies and Tv shows including HD Movies. You don’t need to be worried to download any movie from the app if you are having lesser storage space on your device, only find what you want to watch and stream it on your device. MovieBox is not available on the App Store, to get this app on your device you don’t need your device to be jailbroken as well, TutuApp Free Installer [ about ] can help you to get this on your iOS device, you need to follow the below steps only.


How to Download and Install MovieBox:

  1. First of all, you need to Download TutuApp Free Installer, following the given link you will get the step by step guide to install it.
  2. Once TutuApp is installed, type MovieBox into the search bar.
  3. Now tap on the MovieBox app icon from the search results.
  4. Tap Download then, taps Install on the confirmation message.
  5. Once the installation process finished, open MovieBox and search for your favorite Movies and Tv shows.

MovieBox Errors Fix:

When MovieBox is installed into your device, one error may occur that won’t let it run on your device. As Apple doesn’t know what you have installed on your device to run it, you need to Trust the profile to let Apple know what you want to run, otherwise, Apple sees it as Unknown Sorce and Block it. Although it can be fixed following a simple step,  follow the step below to Trust the App Profile.

  1. Go to Settings on your iOS device.
  2. Now go to General  > Profile and Device Management.
  3. Look for the app Certificate and tap Trust on it.
  4. MovieBox will now work smoothly on your device.

Hope you are enjoying your favorite Movies and Tv shows on your iOS device, let us know comments below how you are enjoying it or if you are having any trouble to use it, to get more developer updates follow us on Facebook.




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