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Very few iOS 9 users with old device preferred to stay on iOS 9.  As the jailbreak for iOS 9 from PPHelper is available only for those with a 64-bit device. Those are having older iOS 9 and older device, cannot access Cydia. But today we can tell you something about, that will surely make you happy, it’s called TutuApp. TutuApp [about] is an app installer, download TutuApp Free installer on your device to access all the apps and games you have became used to.


How to download TutuApp on iOS 9:

There are two methods to download Tutuapp on your iOS 9 device. Two methods are explaining below to get it on your device.

Method 1: Safari Method

1. Go to Safari browser and type tutuappfree.org.

2. When the page is loaded tap Up arrow at the bottom (for iPhone at the bottom and top right on iPad).

3. Tap on Add to Home Screen.

4. Rename the app as TuTuApp, Tap Add, and close Safari.

5. Now you can see the Tutuapp icon on your home screen.

Video: Watch this video to see the above steps.

Method 2: Configuration Profile Download

1. Open Safari and click <file>.

2. Tap Install to Install the configuration profile.

3. Tap on Install on the Settings option.

4. Type your passcode,  if it is asked to do so.

5. Tap on Install TuTuApp.

6. Tap Install again on Settings.

7. Tap Next>Install.

8. And lastly, Install > Done.

Fix Errors on TuTuApp:

While installing Tutuapp, you can face two common types of error, both the errors can be fixed with few simple steps.

  • Profile installation failed,  click the given link to fix it.
  • The installed app is failed to Run, go to Settings > General > Profile and Device Management. Tap Trust on the TutuApp certificate.

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