EveryCord is a screen recording app which let you record your device screen, Apple has deleted all the screen recording app from the App Store last year. Screen recording is the method almost same as screenshots, we all are familiar with screenshot those use smartphone, here comes the screen recording which means if you are playing your favorite games like Minecraft, Pokemon Go or some other games and you want to record the whole activity to share with your friends, screen recorder EveryCord can help with high-resolution video recording.

To download EveryCord on your device you don’t need to jailbreak your device, here we are going to share the tricks to get EveryCord on your iOS device. Before start download EveryCord, let’s have a look what we can get from EveryCord.

Features of EveryCord:

  • It captures high-resolution video with 1080p.
  • It will run in the background without interrupting you any other running app.
  • The saved video will be stored on your camera Roll, which is easy to access later.
  • Audio quality is good.
  • If you are having storage issues on your device, can record the screen at low on the 720p resolution as well.
  • The user can use device micro phone and external microphone as well for the voice input.

How to Download EveryCord for iOS Device:

Before you start downloading Everycord your device must be installed with TutuApp [ about ], TutuApp is an app store which let you download and install Everycord. If TutuApp is not installed on your device first  Download TutuApp following the steps in the link and then follow the steps below.

  1. Open TutuApp from your device Home Screen.
  2. Search EveryCord in the TutuApp search bar.
  3. You will get the EveryCord app, tap Get beside it.
  4. Now tap Get it Free.
  5. EveryCord will start downloading into your device.
  6. Now you will see Install option, tap on Install to continue.
  7. Now Everycord will be installed.

Fix EveryCord Profile Error:

If you have downloaded Everycord from TutuApp for the first time then you might get one error, the error can be fixed following the step.

  • Simply you need to go to Settings > General > Profile, you will get the app profile tap on it then tap on Trust.

Now launch Everycord from your device Home screen and start capturing your activity on the iOS device. Comments below to let us know whether you find any difficulties to install Everycord to your device, follow us on Facebook to get more developer updates.



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