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Android is more user-friendly than iOS, as Android user can download almost every app on their device. iOS user is little restrictive than android as they cannot download every app they want on their device. Still being more restrictive iOS user get more features than iOS user as there is jailbreak on iOS. Although Android is more open, but the owners cannot get everything that iOS user can. Recently one app released for iOS user and it’s called TutuApp, TutuApp has been available for Android user as well.


How to Download TutuApp for Android:

First of all, you need to download the APK file onto your Android device. Here the steps are explaining below to get the Tutuapp on your Android device from the downloaded APK file.

1. Download the TutuApp APK [file] from here.

2. Open Settings on your Android device, tap on Security.

3. Enable the Unknown Source option.

4. Find the APK file from storage where the file is saved.

5. Tap on the APK file from your device storage location.

6. Tap on Install option.

7. Wait for few moments, TutuApp will be successfully installed on your Android device.

TutuApp features:

1. TutuApp can be installed on your Android device as well as iOS.

2. TutuApp is ver easy to install use on your Android device.

3. Availability of latest apps and games.

4. It is updated daily and all content is kept up to date.

5. Easy to delete it if you are not liking it.

While installing TutuApp on your Android device, follow the above steps, otherwise, TutuApp APK will not be installed on your device.If you find any difficulties when installing TutuApp on your Android device, let us know commenting below. Follow us on our Facebook page to get more related news.




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